Small Business Marketing Reaps Big Rewards for Small Town Business Owners.

Thank goodness for small town business owners. Their commitment to opening and operating a small business regardless of the economy demonstrates a can-do attitude that touches every aspect of their lives. The business they create is a testament to their grit and determination; a living, breathing enterprise that reflects their passion in the real world.

I don’t have to tell you that small town business owners are unbelievably busy. But the fact remains that in addition to running a business, successful small business owners recognize the need to educate themselves on a tremendous variety of subjects in order to stay current and relevant. Small business marketing is at the top of the list!

Think about it, small business owners need to have a working knowledge of sales, accounting, inventory control, hiring (and firing) practices, psychology, management and much, much more.

And with increasing time constraints, the very thought of having to learn “small business marketing strategies” might seem like an impossible task.

But after almost 30 years involved in a wide variety of businesses myself, I can tell you that most of the problems associated with falling profits and failing ventures can be tracked directly to the failure of the business owner to implement solid, proven, successful small business marketing principles.

My goal with this site is to provide you with personal experiences – stuff I’ve learned “in the trenches” – with a variety of tools to boost your business in a meaningful way.

Gaining a practical knowledge of small business marketing and properly implementing them has often been the turning point for owners of small town businesses, propelling them to rapid and enormously profitable growth.

Said another way, nothing is more important to a business owner than an in-depth understanding of small business marketing combined with the self discipline to put that knowledge to work.

This website is about MARKETING and all things associated with marketing.

Specifically, it's about marketing your small business in your small town.

Now, when I say “small town” or “small business” I’m not talking about the physical size of either the business or the town. It’s more a gut feeling than anything measured by the number of employees, the size of the building you operate in or the population listed on the sign as you come into town.

A small business owner could be a single mom working from a second bedroom office in her home or a local independent pharmacist with a well stocked store and staff to contend with. What is important is the state of mind of the individual operating the business.

I know millionaires earning in excess of $100,000.00 each and every month who work only a few hours a week and who do so from the comfort of their home. I also know others eking out a living for themselves despite their talent, financed to the teeth, waiting for their creditors to say, “Enough, no more!”

What is the difference?


Marketing is a targeted, planned, ongoing series of activities designed to draw attention to your business, product or service offering.

This very short definition encompasses virtually every aspect, every facet of your business venture including the physical premises, customer service, staffing, advertising, sales, product and package design and includes both your off line and online presence.

Having worked with small business owners from coast to coast, I've met losers with great ideas and winners with business concepts I wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole. The winners all knew how to market their businesses in ways that demanded attention, making them stand out from the crowd. Their fiercely loyal customers came to believe that they would be crazy to do business with anyone else regardless of the price.

What would you do to gain that kind of loyalty?

This is a site for busy, small town, small business owners. The key to survival, growth and prosperity is marketing education and implementation.

You can be an unstoppable force in the business community…but only if you know how to properly implement an effective small business marketing strategy.

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