Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

As a small town, small business marketer you may have wondered if having a presence on the web is important for you.

After all, why should web surfers in other cities, countries or even across continents search for, and find your business online? Is it likely they’ll do business with you from such a distance? Is it just a waste of time and money to plan, develop and launch a business website? And what if you already have a website? Should you revise, change or scrap it in favour of something new?

Some business owners jumped on the internet with a “gold rush” mentality hoping to strike it rich without giving it much thought at all. They spent money, and lot’s of it, to be a part of a “virtual mall” producing pitiful results or bought “do it yourself” software to build a site that, well, looks as if they did it themselves with scrolling marquees, background music, animation…you get the picture.

And then there’s the 16 year old "wonder nephew" who built a site fueled on nothing but Red Bull and pizza. Trying to get revisions or changes made to your website now revolve around getting his attention and disturbing his budding social life.

Your business website can be a far more cost effective marketing resource than the yellow pages or costly ongoing newspaper campaigns. Your website can play a key strategic role in your local marketing process.

A strategy is a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. It is neither the tactics nor actions taken to achieve your goal. Your internet marketing strategy is therefore, your action plan. It answers the basic question: What do I want to achieve as a small town, small business owner using the internet?

Do you want to build a list of customers?

Then you’ll first need to know what Internet marketing tools are available to accomplish that specific task.

Do you want to stay in touch with potential customers (patients, clients, dealers, agents, etc.) and current ones as well?

Then you’ll need more information on small business email marketing resources.

There are an estimated 15 – 30 billion pages of information now available to web surfers. How will people find you?

If your goal is to educate current and potential clients, to provide value in printed form, then e-zine marketing information will be very helpful.

If you're a small town, small business owner looking for ways to improve you marketing efforts using the Internet as one component of your overall plan, you've come to the right place!

If you're like most small service business owners, learning how to build a website is a daunting task to consider. It sure was for me!

From an ROI perspective I felt I didn't have the time to invest learning how to build a website, particularly when I assumed it was something I would only do once.

But it seemed as though I had no choice so I went out and bought a copy of DreamWeaver and began to read the manual and follow the online help.

I really thought I could do it, but as is often the case, life got in the way and I didn't get a site up and running.

EVERYONE told me I had to have a website but I didn't know how to complete what I had started. As I stated earlier, it all seemed like a giant waste of time and money.

And then I discovered a website building tool that took me by the hand and led me through the entire process. I learned the importantce of developing content that answered questions web surfers were looking for.

I learned how to build traffic made up of valuable visitors.

Pre-selling became an essential element in the process of building a website that could yield a significant income and finally I was taught precisely how to make money with my website.

All of this was done at my pace and with all that's been going on in my life, that was a welcome feature.

At the end of the day I created the website you're enjoying right now:

It's an effective Internet marketing strategy; a "work in progress that's allowed me to earn while I learn.


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