Essential Elements for a Well Balanced Marketing Mix

Using a marketing mix versus one marketing tool or tactic alone is a smart way to extend your marketing reach and appeal to a wider variety of potential customers or clients.

A single solitary approach limits your ability to speak to your potential customer or client because it speaks to only one or two of the communication styles that people use.

A well balanced mix on the other hand, stimulates a variety of senses simultaneously and that's an important element in creating memorable and actionable marketing programs.

Our five senses are constantly collecting information from the world around us. The data collected through hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting is stored in our brain as memory.

Every one of us has a preferred style we use most often to make sense of the world. I prefer pictures (visual) while others prefer sounds (auditory) and still others make sense of the things they can feel and touch (kinesthetic). Smell and taste are often linked to kinesthetic preferences.

To make a greater impact on a larger number of people, you should try and use a variety of media to engage more of your potential customers' senses.

Even in a small town, you have access to a wide and varied marketing mix. There are many forms of advertising to choose from including: radio; newspaper; brochures and flyers; outdoor media including billboards, bench advertising, bus stop ads and posters; special event sponsorships; and direct mail in all its many forms.

Get involved in as many local networking initiatives as possible making the effort to collect business cards from other members you can contact in the near future.

Be bold and volunteer to

speak to your local service clubs and educate people about unique and interesting things you and your staff do in the day-to-day running of your business.

No doubt you've already discovered there are often far more choices than budget!

Every single media has inherent strengths and weaknesses and by using several of them consecutively or concurrently, you will be able to enhance their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.

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