Hire a Writer Who Understands Small Business Marketing Services

We all acquire skills that become second nature and seem easy, even effortless to the casual observer.

For example, one of my closest friends actually enjoys standing in front of an audience armed with only a few words scribbled on a piece of paper. Fearlessly he educates, amuses and entertains them even though others find the very thought of public speaking horrifying to consider.

My brother Tim sits in his recording studio and imagines what an artist could sound like. Magically it seems, he transforms a smattering of disparate sounds, beats, rhythms, words and notes into fascinating and compelling music.

I’m a writer and it's just one of the small business marketing services I offer to my clientele.

It’s the ability to collect words, phrases and sentences, stringing them together into paragraphs and pages that stir emotions, evoke memories, producing actions with desired outcomes.

While not effortless, with practice and patience I’ve been able to help business owners put their mission critical thoughts on paper for the benefit of their employees, prospects, shareholders, stakeholders, and customers.

I’d like to offer you access to these same skills and experience by hiring me for your next writing project.

It’s time for you to stop staring at a blank page.

Contract with me to write the advertisements, direct mail pieces, speeches, special reports, catalogues, articles, web pages and brochures demanding your attention. Let me worry about the grammar, writers’ block, deadlines, editorial concerns and the slew of other issues that arise when creativity is called for and refuses to answer.

Truth is, all of the writing projects I’ve just mentioned require the skillful application of written words. It's a skill that has tremendous value for small business marketing services so often lacking in small town markets.

But not just any words.

The words must be capable of reaching out and touching a specific, responsive audience. They must convince, persuade, cajole, entice if need be. They need to speak for you when you cannot speak in person.

These carefully crafted words must be capable of plucking a readers’ attention from the surrounding clutter. Interest must be sparked then fanned into flames of desire leading to a favourable decision and action - an outcome that satisfies.

It’s what a writer does.

Hire me to write for you. Contact me and let’s discuss your next writing project.

I’ll happily provide references and writing samples so you can move forward with complete and total confidence.

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